Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Class Food - The beginning of our Jamaica experience

Why is it that food makes everything better?

In August, I finally conquered my biggest fear – flying on an airplane. I always said that if I flew, it would be because someone knocked me out and drug me on the plane! Well, I’ve also always wanted to go to Jamaica. So, when my husband told me that I could choose anywhere I wanted to go for our honeymoon, I began pondering the idea of going to Jamaica. First of all, I considered sticking to a boat and cruising there, but once I started looking at the beautiful resorts in Jamaica, I realized that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I would have to be brave and get on that plane. So, we booked a week-long stay at Sunset at the Palms in Negril, Jamaica. At this point, I knew there was no turning back!!

I was so stressed up until the day of our wedding, I barely even thought about flying. (Details about our wedding will come later.) So, on the morning of August 2nd, I woke up and reality hit. I grew very nervous as I realized that I was actually going to get on a plane in a couple of hours. My husband comforted me (it was his first time on a plane, too) and we headed to the airport. I knew that our first flight was only a commuter flight and wouldn’t last very long, so I got through that flight pretty easily. The next flight was from Atlanta, Georgia to Montego Bay, Jamaica. This time, I knew we’d be flying over the ocean and it would be a longer flight. As we lined up to board the plane, we handed the lady our boarding passes and she shredded them and handed us each another one. We didn’t pay it very much attention and proceeded to board the plane. This plane was much larger than the small commuter plane we were on before. As we stepped onto the plane, the flight attendant directed us to the left. We were a little confused, so we looked down at our passes. We were in seats 1C and 1D in First Class! This was much nicer than being at the back of the plane. I felt a little less nervous because I was so close to the pilot.

After the plane took off, the flight attendants started making their way down the aisle. They closed the curtain behind us and started asking if we would like any mimosa, champagne, or orange juice. (We had never heard of mimosa, so we opted for the orange juice, but we found out later on in the week what it was). Once the drinks were served, to our surprise, breakfast was served! Wow! This just made our day! Any nervousness that I had was gone because I was so excited over the food! This food wasn’t spectacular, but when you are thousands of feet above the ground and nervous because you are braving your biggest fear, it’s the best thing since fried chicken! I’m sure everyone thought we were a little strange because we took pictures of our food, each one of us holding it, pictures of us together holding it, and so on! We didn’t care what they thought; we were having the times of our lives!

I’m posting one of our photos of the breakfast. As you can see, we were served a bagel with cream cheese, jelly, and butter, cheerios and milk, a bowl of fruit, and yogurt. I really enjoyed the fruit dipped in the yogurt. My husband seemed to enjoy his Cheerios.

We still can’t figure out how we were bumped up to first class, but we have already decided that it’s worth paying a little more for a first class ticket!

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