Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas break is almost here!

I am so excited!!! After today, I have a two week break from work (one good thing about working with the school system)! YAY!!! I've been very busy lately with my MBA classes, work, activities with the children, baking, and so on. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

MBA Classes...I took my last final exam Monday night and I must say that I was extremely proud of myself when I checked my grades last night to see that I received an A in both classes. I feel like all I have done in the last few weeks is study and write papers! I'm actually very excited about beginning my classes for next semester because I'm taking my first Hospitality Management course. It has something to do with event planning. It should be interesting and hopefully more enjoyable that some of the other courses I am required to take!

The children...They been very busy lately doing Christmas activities. All three children are in the choir at church and my daughter, Madison, is in chorus at school. They have been singing everywhere! The chorus' last performance is this morning and it is for the school. Our son, Chase, is in scouts and we had a pizza party Tuesday night. And of course, I've been preparing for their school parties. Those things are fun, but it’s nice to have a little break from those too!

Baking…I had ten orders for Thanksgiving and I’ve had a few since then. I have one cake to make tonight, and then I’m going to start working on Christmas orders. I’m also baking several things to give as gifts, so I will definitely be busy between now and Christmas (only one week to go)!

Catching up my blog…I have a ton of pictures and recipes that I need to post. I took pictures of all the food at Thanksgiving. After we set the table, I grabbed my camera and started snapping shots before everyone could dig in! They totally got a kick out of me taking these pictures! I realized later that I took more pictures of food than I did people and I am thinking that’s a sign that I’m getting very addicted to food blogging!

This break will be very nice, but I have already planned out almost every day...and I need to fit "clean the house" in there somewhere! I get to fight the Christmas crowds tomorrow. We’ve only bought two gifts so far! If I'm lucky, I'll find everything we need tomorrow so I can focus on my baking! Wish me luck!!

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Baking!!

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